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Open minded.

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Mission & Values

Groep Roussel holds interests in manufacturing businesses operating in niche markets in the building industry.

We care about long term continuity and permanent search for product innovation, sustainability, automation and market development.

Groep Roussel aims to be credible, open minded, respectful and passionate.

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Mission & Values





Olivier Bricks was founded in 1948 and has been succesfull ever since.

Olivier Bricks is specialist and pioneer in the refinement of facing bricks. Cement-coating and tumbling of facing bricks is our core business.


The cement-coated bricks of Olivier Bricks are considered to be unique and add an absolute surplus value to each project!

Top of the range production facilities and a dedicated team ensure an appealing and high quality product range.

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Since more than 170 years CONNECTON specializes in the production of fixings for the building industry.

Connecton manufactures fixings and accessories for the building enveloppe (wall & roof).

Relying on a state of the art machinery, assembly robots and qualified personnel we offer quality products and focus on service and innovation.

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Galvan is specialized in electrogalvanisation. Galvan is strategically situated between Aachen, Luxemburg, Brussels, Antwerp, Maastricht and Paris.

This gives us the opportunity to work as subcontractor for demanding industrial customers.

Galvan is recognized for its superior quality and service.




Lowie Bricks (LOW Impact) launched a research and development programme in 2019 to find sustainable and affordable alternatives to classic facing bricks. By experimenting extensively with different materials, Lowie Bricks has managed to preserve the aesthetic and qualitative characteristics of ceramic bricks.

Lowie Bricks goes against the perception that sustainability costs money. We believe that real ecological progress is only possible if it is also affordable. This is not yet an end point, we are constantly looking for solutions to further reduce environmental impact.

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Cabezo Gordo is based in Murcia (Spain), and exploits a limestone quarry .

Its privileged location, its accessability

and the quality of its products have made it a first choice supplier for construction professionals in the regional and southern province of Alicante.



Universal Bulk Trading S.L. is an independent company specialized in the international commerce of building materials, mainly of those related to the cement industry.




Liandur manufactures cement and binding materials for the building industry. The production facility is situated in Harmignies (Belgium). 

One of it's main intentions is to develop durable new binding materials, that can contribute to diminish the ecological footprint of the cement industry.



"Groep Roussel is investing heavily in sustainable building materials. The company developed a hybrid facing brick that positions itself between ceramic and concrete. The production of that Lowie Brick emits 80 per cent less CO₂ than that of a classic brick."

New managing director for Connecton Fasteners and Olivier Bricks

Glad to announce that the management team of Group Roussel was recently expanded with Mr Koen Holvoet. Koen will become director and, with his 28 years of experience in the business, 'managing director sales' responsible for sales in the Belgian market as well as the back office as a whole. This reinforced structure will substantially contribute to the success of Olivier bricks, Lowie Bricks and Connecton Fasteners, at the service of the builder through our clients, the building materials trade.

Logistics center Connecton Fasteners

Group Roussel is building a state of the art logistics center for Connecton Fasteners in the Krommebeekstraat in Menen. This innovative center contains an almost completely automated warehouse system. With this, Connecton Fasteners is going all out for Costumer Convenience, thanks to Motus and the entire Valtech team.

Corporate Sustainability

On Friday, December 17, a first vessel with basic bricks for Olivier Bricks was loaded at our main supplier in the Netherlands. By opting for transport via inland shipping, we are taking 50 loads off the road. Also in the future, a large part of our basic bricks will be transported via inland shipping. This will take several million kilometers of freight off the road.



Groep Roussel
Krommebeekstraat 49

8930 Menen

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