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Omer Roussel

Builders merchant

Marcel & Eugène Roussel

Builders merchants

Pierre & Jozef Roussel

Builders merchants and manufacturers of concrete products.
Membership of Adimat Euromat.
Acquisition of Moerman Fasteners.
Set up regional branch network of builders merchants.

Mark Roussel

Set up Bouwpunt shop concept.
Set up national branch network of builders merchants in joint
venture with Grafton Group through acquisitions: Youbuild.
Sale of Youbuild in 2017, end of merchant activities.
Set up joint venture of Cement grinding plant port of Ghent: Espabel.
Set up joint venture Universal Bulk Trading.
Acquisition Connecton Fasteners.
Acquisition Real Estate company Roussel Invest.
Acquisition joint venture Aridos Cabezo Gordo.
Acquisition of Olivier Bricks.
Sale of Espabel in 2014.
Acquisition of Liandur.


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